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About Professional Development Programs

Student agency. Design thinking. Inquiry- and project-based learning. The technology revolution.

Amid the ever-changing education landscape, we love thinking about learning experience design holistically, and the Process-Tools-Delivery trifecta anchors our vision for education.

The future of education lies in play and games, from the underlying process and experience design principles, to the tips and tricks to help us realize our vision, then to the storytelling techniques to bring it to life. The parallels between games and learning are clear, and we're here to help you level up your teaching game, the Press Start way.

Explore our various professional development programs, and join us on our quest to make learning fun for all learners!

Sample Talk & Workshop Offerings

Bite-sized Programs

Facilitate Learning Experiences and Tell Stories like a Game Master!

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About Our Team

We build award-winning, immersive, facilitated learning adventures and games founded on the 21st-century skills, and we train teachers on how to do the same for their students.

Our Workshop Leaders

How We Look at Learning Experience Design

  • Narrative, game and instructional design
  • Inquiry-, project-based and student-centered learning

How can I design to maximize student agency?


Process Tools Delivery


  • Low-/no-code solutions, generative AI as partners
  • Proprietary tech, SaaS tools edtech platforms

How can i realize my vision for teaching and learning?


  • Educators as facilitators and coaches
  • Teachers as storytellers, narrators and Game Masters

How can I fulfill the potential of my classroom experience?

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  • We run programs at our studio in Central, on campus at various partner schools such as Hong Kong University, Chinese International School, HKUST, PolyU or at selected Corporate partner venues. If you are interested in organizing one of our workshops for your school/organization, please get in touch with us via WhatsApp, Email, or Book a Call!

  • Our inclusive professional development workshops welcome educators, parents, NGO professionals, and anyone passionate about expanding their knowledge and skills in various educational domains. Keep an eye on our upcoming workshops, listed above or on our Community & Events page and join us on our journey to Play, Learn, Grow!

  • We love working with teachers and schools to customize programs that suit their needs! Please reach out for a chat via WhatsApp, Email, or Book a Call with us!

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