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If you think your students would love an injection of fun in their after-school learning, you're in luck - we love to bring our award-winning programs to our partner schools!

Our after-school lineup retains all the excitement and learning in our regular programs, customized to fit the length of your semesters at your school. We've worked with over 500 students across more than 20 schools in the region, and we're excited to visit your campus soon!

School Program Packages

We offer two different program packages to choose from:

Experience Week

Ignite your students' curiosity and passion in an immersive, intensive Experience Week! Take their learning beyond the classroom for an unforgettable week of hands-on discovery in Entrepreneurship, Game Design and Climate Leadership.

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In our one-week Game Designers program with the Hong Kong International School, students got hands-on with the game design process! They played and analyzed new games, came up with new game concepts, created physical prototypes, and pitched their ideas in front of school leaders and industry experts.

Tailored Programs

Discover the flexibility and convenience of our after-school programs for ages 6 and up, available at your campus or our centers. Tailored to fit your schedule and preferences, experience our engaging programs with customizable dates and duration.

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Our partnership with the Canadian International School sees us bring our experienced instructors on campus four times a week to run writing, speaking, and generative AI programs with four different age levels.

How We Build Our Learning Experiences

We believe that students show their best selves when they are having fun, immersed in having fun, and feel agency over their learning. That’s why our learning experiences are facilitated and personalized – and why our popularity spans online, offline and hybrid mediums.

While serving audiences from primary school all the way to corporate, our learning experiences have 3 things in common:

  • 1

    They're designed outcome-first, with a focus on developing the 21st-century skills needed to thrive in the modern environment.

  • 2

    They're built analogue-first, with a learner-centric process that can scale regardless of platform and medium.

  • 3

    They're delivered fun-first, with learning taking place via debrief, reflection and application following immersive, interactive gameplay.

A Deeper Look into One of Our Luden Programs



  • We offer schools 2 different packages to choose from:

    Option 1 - Experience Week: An unforgettable week of hands-on discovery in Entrepreneurship, Game Design and Climate Leadership.

    Option 2 - After School Programs: Select one of our programs for grades 1-10 to offer as an after-school programs at your school. Our programs are tailored to fit your schedule and preferences with customizable dates and duration.

    If you are interested in running any of our programs at your school, please feel free to get in touch with us via Whatsapp, Email or Book a call with us.

  • We offer after school programs for Grades 1-10.

  • Our minimum class size requirement is 5 students upto a maximum capacity of 15 students.

  • Our flexible programs are customized to suit your schedule and preferences, offering a range of options from week-long intensive courses to semester-long engagements, ensuring a perfect fit for your educational needs.

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