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We specialize in creating innovative learning and game experiences for students, educators, and schools. Additionally, we collaborate with inspiring organizations on bespoke projects, ranging from game design to talent development. Check out our past projects for a behind-the-scenes look at our design process.

Welcome to The Drawing Board - a sneak peek behind the scenes at how we do what we do.

  • It might seem like we do a lot of different things - and that part is true - but the one common thread that underlies all of our work is that we are always looking to unlock the maximum potential of games as a medium.

  • We constantly dissect and analyze games, game systems and game mechanics to then reverse engineer, re-theme, modify, mix and match, and design from scratch games, game experiences and game-based programs and curriculum with a purpose.

  • Our experience in design thinking and human-centered design allows us to approach the game experience design process with a tried and tested methodology that focuses on the experience of the player (who could be a student, an employee or a customer).

  • Throughout that design process, we first work with the contracting party to understand the overall themes and objectives before we settle on a game system.

  • It’s from these initial ideas that we start charting a course towards the ultimate goal, and just as in every design process, we go through multiple rounds of testing and iteration before finalizing our design.

  • Citizenship

    Games make our work fun, but it’s the design process that invigorates us and the learning objectives that get us going.

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  • The Last Stand: A Clean Air for Schools Curriculum

    Air pollution curriculum for primary schools with a 5-episode adventure story, 2 minigames, complete with lesson plans and teaching materials.

    Clean Air Network

  • Z-Force: Genesis: A Roleplaying Experience on Social Inclusion

    An innovative, immersive learning experience for ages 8-11 featuring a custom-built superhero adventure to explore the importance of social inclusion.


  • Divergence: A Design Thinking Card Game

    A fast-paced storytelling game to help creative teams unleash imagination and grasp the design thinking innovation process.

    Hong Kong Design Center

  • Serious Gaming: Research into the Power of Game-Based Learning

    Three semesters of hands-on research with HKU undergraduate and postgraduate students into game, narrative, experience and facilitation design.

    The University of Hong Kong Common Core Office

  • Age of Prosperity: A Diversity and Inclusion Adventure

    A cooperative, mission-based adventure exploring the principles of equal opportunity, diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Equal Opportunities Commission

  • Restaurant Tycoon and The Final Table: Gamifying Recruitment and Assessment

    A storytelling card game and a collaborative strategy game for a leadership fast track program, complete with assessment and observation guide for the HR team.

    McDonald's Hong Kong

  • Tastemakers: A Fashion Buying Board Game

    An educational board game introducing university and secondary school students to the world of fashion business and fashion buying.

    The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong Institute of Textiles and Clothing

  • The Promised Land: An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology

    A scenario-based storytelling game designed to facilitate nuanced discussions on complex issues such as healthcare policies and gender norms.

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong Anthropology Department

  • Synthesis: A Gamified Innovation Hackathon

    A weekend offsite for a law firm and a construction company focusing on strategic ideation and collaboration.

    Pinsent Masons & Chun Wo Group