Press Start Academy

We build immersive, game-based, facilitated learning adventures founded on 21st-century skills, and train teachers on how to do the same for their students.




What We Do

For the past 3 years, we have built award-winning, innovative, immersive game-based learning experiences for over 40 schools and institutions.

As learning designers, we believe that games are the best way to learn, and we use them as a tool for immersive learning through play. Our approach is scalable across age ranges and skill focuses, and our learning experiences are founded on a standardized 21st-century skills framework.

We prioritize creating interactive learning experiences in the analogue world, which removes a reliance on technology and platforms. Our focus is on maximizing intentionality and minimizing tech, so that we can keep equity at the forefront of our work and provide the highest-quality education through a process-oriented approach.

  • Narrative, game and instructional design
  • Inquiry-, project-based and student-centered learning

How can I design to maximize student agency?


Process Tools Delivery


  • Low-/no-code solutions, generative AI as partners
  • Proprietary tech, SaaS tools edtech platforms

How can i realize my vision for teaching and learning?


  • Educators as facilitators and coaches
  • Teachers as storytellers, narrators and Game Masters

How can I fulfill the potential of my classroom experience?

Our Design Considerations

In design: Learning first; in delivery: Fun first.

  • Theme


    We base our game- and narrative-driven learning experiences on real-world issues set in both realistic and fantastical settings we construct.

  • Complexity


    We scaffold knowledge and skills at different application levels through a structure akin to a game progression and leveling system.

  • Strategy


    We create safe spaces for students to experience adversity and develop resilience through engaging with unpredictable outcomes and creating strategies.

  • Interaction


    Our live sessions foster player interaction and encourages student communication and collaboration, extending outside the classroom.

  • Competitiveness


    We tap into our students’ innate keenness for competition and encourage them to creatively apply skills and knowledge in their pursuit of victory.

  • Objectives


    We design all our curriculum around clear learning objectives, development criteria and deliverables, and empower students to achieve them.

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