The Generative Educator

Developing a Vision and Strategy Plan for AI in Your Classroom

In this age of generative AI, while the predominant discourse has been on how students may abuse technology, we should be proactive and stay on the front foot by exploring how we incorporate technology, by redrawing boundaries, redefining learning goals and rethinking assessment.

Thankfully, large language models like ChatGPT and AI art engines like Midjourney are wonderful tools for educators to add to their arsenal - and for learners to learn to wield. Designing for student agency (so students take charge of their learning) requires redesigning for teacher agency (so teachers can first supercharge their teaching).

This workshop will take educators through an intensive, hands-on journey of reimagining the relationship between technology and education from the perspective of learner assessment; experimenting with generative AI tools to create classroom-ready applications aligned with teaching objectives; and co-creating inspiring learning environments that foster 21st-century skills in their learners.


  • Session 1

    Foundations and Guardrails

    So your students are digital natives; it’s time to turn that into an advantage. In our first session, we will get a quick lay of the land for AI tools, with a specific focus on use cases in education. This sets the stage for an in-depth discussion on assessment and skill-based education - and how we can incorporate 21st-century skills in our teaching - before we explore the four levels of AI integration in the classroom, and reframe the AI in education discussion around student agency.

  • Session 2

    Ideas and Experiments

    So you’ve started playing with AI tools; it’s time to create a vision for AI in your classroom. Armed with a vision for skill-based learning and a framework for how we can incorporate AI into our classroom, we will dive into setting up our own “AI fair use” policies, co-creating use cases across the four AI integration levels, and inspire each other on potential creative applications. Time to get our hands dirty!

  • Session 3

    Dreams and Possibilities

    So you’re comfortable wielding AI; it’s time to imagine the classroom of the future. Designing creative use cases for generative AI in our classrooms is half the battle; the other half is integrating them into our overall learning objectives, identifying assessment opportunities, and defining success criteria and milestones to ensure progress, outcomes and sustainability. Our third session will anchor our ideas back to our vision for teaching and learning, and pave the way forward to our own 21st-century classroom.

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