AI, Technology and a New Meaning for STEAM Education

The advent of artificial intelligence and tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney will change the landscape of education. How do we stay on top of new trends and developments, and proactively adapt our teaching to a skills-based approach? What does STEAM education mean, if the means and tools for delivery constantly change?

In this workshop, Press Start Academy dares to imagine a future of learning where educators proactively use emergent technology, rather than worrying about students abusing it. We will begin the session with an in-depth intro to the latest trends and developments in generative AI, aided by Eon Expedition, a new creative writing program designed to boost learning and adoption of ChatGPT and Midjourney.

This leads into a reframing of ""technology in education"" (where a vision for learning comes first) over ""educational technology"" (where the learning is beholden to technology). With real-world examples and potential use cases for both students and teachers, we will conclude the session by posing a few thought-provoking questions on a new meaning for STEAM education.

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