The Facilitative Educator

Facilitation, Storytelling and Delivery through Play

In this age of ChatGPT and Midjourney, many of us are rightly thinking about the potential disruption that generative AI will have on education: Not only will technology change how we learn, but it will transform how we teach too.

With AI assistants acting as knowledge hubs, didactic teaching (presenting information to learners, e.g. lecturing) will make way for Socratic teaching (asking questions to stimulate critical thinking) - which illustrates the changing role of educators, from teachers to facilitators.

Facilitation is both an art and a science, in that we can develop our own styles while following frameworks based on pedagogical best practices.

This workshop series draws inspiration from learning through play and improv to distill facilitative education into three congruent parts, to collectively level up your game as a Facilitative Educator.


  • Session 1

    The Level Designer

    A great learning experience, just like a great game, has great scaffolding. In our first session, we will focus on session flow, including setting objectives, translating outcomes into activities, and designing feedback loops. With student agency as our North Star, we will also share tips on how to encourage students to ask good questions and create a constructive classroom environment.

  • Session 2

    The Game Master

    A great facilitator, just like a great Game Master, makes their audience look great. With level design under our belt, we will turn our attention to leveling up our classroom delivery, including leading icebreakers, providing assistance and attention, and assessing skill-based targets. With improv as an important reference, we will show how you can bring the concept of ""Yes, and..."" into your classroom and transform how your students engage.

  • Session 3

    The Completionist

    So you've got the levels done and the delivery down pat... what else is there to master? Turns out there's plenty of details that we sometimes take for granted! From inclusive language and visual aesthetics, to music and environment setup - there are lots of best practices that we'd love to share with you! And of course, no collaborative learning experience can truly be complete without everyone bringing in their own examples and ideas to share with each other.

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