The 21st-Century Educator

Crystallizing Process, Wielding Tools and Mastering Delivery

In a fast-changing technological era where the latest tools and applications are dominating the airwaves, our anchor as educators should always be on our vision for teaching and learning.

Process focuses on forming a vision on learning outcomes for our students and crystallizing our learning experience design approach. Tools help us realize that vision by leveraging the technologies at our disposal. And Delivery is the final piece of the jigsaw enabling clear, effective and engaging facilitation, learning and observation.

Our 21st-Century Educator Executive Program leads you on a whirlwind tour of the three keys to a successful, modern, holistic learning experience: Process, Tools and Delivery. Be prepared for lots of new ideas, inspirations and impact!


  • DAY 1 AM

    CRYSTALLIZING PROCESS: When Technology Redefines Knowledge and Meaning

    What happens when knowledge is retained for us? Where does education derive its meaning?

    More than ever, learning is, and should be, shifting to focus on 21st-century skills: the “soft” skills needed to thrive in the modern era – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship, character.

    In this session, we clear our distractions from all the technological developments of this era and recenter our focus on developing a vision for our learning and designing for student agency. Let’s start with teacher agency.

  • DAY 1 PM

    WIELDING TOOLS: When Technology Reconstructs Learning and Assessment

    What happens after we’ve created a vision for learning? How do we realize and execute on this vision?

    Technology is a tool for us to wield – it’s a powerful tool that can transform our own teaching, and one that necessitates a shift in how we plan our lessons and develop our assessments.

    In this session, we go hands-on with generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney to explore the various use cases that we can adapt, create and implement into our classrooms. Welcome to a brave new world.

  • DAY 2 AM

    MASTERING DELIVERY: When Technology Reimagines Instruction and Facilitation

    What happens when we’ve transformed how our classes look? How do we transform how our classes feel?

    Project-, inquiry-, game-based learning; student centricity; design thinking: It’s fun to think about and plan for incorporating these approaches in our teaching, but they also demand a shift in how we teach if they are to succeed.

    In this session, we explore the changing role of the educator, and dive into the techniques that a 21st-century educator needs to thrive as a facilitator, coach and storyteller. This is how we can inspire our students to play, learn and grow.

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