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  • Play, Learn… Change Lives? Narrative Game Experiences for Small Group Home Children

    When we kicked off this project with the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (JCDISI) about a year ago, I could already sense its potential for profound impact. Our mission was clear: to develop a platform to engage with children aged 4-18 in Small Group Homes (SGHs), to provide them with the freedom to explore, share, and collaborate, and to foster self-discovery and expression.

  • Game mechanics in the classroom: Real-time feedback loops

    What are some game design elements that are also relevant to instructional design?

  • Why Games Will Revolutionize Education

    In innovation and strategy, we often talk about experience design. In technology and marketing, we often talk about interaction design. In learning and development, we often talk about instructional design.

  • From the Traditional to the Creative: A year in the Press Start Academy classroom

    Over the seven years I've been teaching English in traditional classrooms, I have often felt restricted and limited by the approaches I could take to deliver materials. I was limited by my own understanding of what learning was and how it was conducted. In attempting to make education more enjoyable for my students, I would incorporate creativity, but students kept focusing on the assessments and not allowing themselves to be lost in the fun and creativity.

  • “Yes, and…” Educators as Facilitators and Active Listeners

    Using improvisational theater techniques in the classroom can assist in building acceptance and inclusion for all. Improv, as it is commonly known, is unscripted theater that focuses on active listening and collaboration. The hit UK and US comedy series “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” has shown the world how improv is and can be used for entertainment - and many of the same principles easily transfer over to more professional settings.

  • How AI Can Change the Way We Teach

    Teachers are often burdened with administrative tasks and responsibilities that take up a significant amount of their time, including everything from record-keeping to creating worksheets and lesson plans. According to a survey by EdWeek and OECD, teachers spend almost half their working hours on non-teaching tasks! As a result, they may have less time and energy to focus on their primary responsibilities, such as engaging with their students.

  • Ideas Jam! A breath of fresh air for networking

    At the start of 2023, a major part of my choice to join Tatler Asia was the knowledge that Tatler Gen.T strives to craft events that stand out. This promise is not only based on the astounding talent displayed by the Tatler events team but also because of Gen.T’s conviction for discovering fresh avenues to engage its community of honourees.

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