Why Games Will Revolutionize Education

Vince Siu
Vince Siu
Founder and CEO

In innovation and strategy, we often talk about experience design. In technology and marketing, we often talk about interaction design. In learning and development, we often talk about instructional design.

What if we thought about designing games like we think of designing experiences?

What if, as we continually obsess over human-centered design, we take into consideration that primal human instinct — to play, and to enjoy the process of play?

And what if we prioritize that enjoyment?

As game designers, our main objective is to create an experience that is fun, enjoyable and engaging. It’s not enough to focus on convenience, aesthetics or efficiency; we need to constantly think, “is this fun?”

When the obsession in much of design is to create experiences that users find engaging and comfortable, then striving to create an experience that is endlessly replayable and compelling because it’s replayable and compelling, is the Holy Grail of experience design.

And creating learning experiences that are fun-first — so learners want to come back and don’t even feel like they’re actively learning — is the Holy Grail of curriculum design.

Imagine a world where learning is as fun and compelling as playing a game.

Imagine a world where learning is designed as a game experience.

Imagine a world where games are designed to be learning experiences.

That’s the world we’re working and building towards. We’re excited to have you on this inspiring journey.