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4/3-6: Young Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 青年創業家訓練營 @ Shatin

Enhance your skills in

April 3 – 6 (Monday – Thursday)
2:00 – 4:00PM
Ages 14-17

Entrepreneurship, design thinking and public speaking

Note: This is an in-person program that will take place at our Shatin satellite venue at theDesk, 18/F Tower 1 Grand Central Plaza, Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

Have you ever wanted to build your own business? In our Entrepreneurs Program, you’ll experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur as you play your way towards developing your very own business idea and plan!

You’ll be introduced to the entrepreneurial experience through the card game Divergence; learn about design thinking and business strategy through fun activities, games, case studies and mini research projects; and before you know it – you’ll be using these tools to discover your target users, designing your own solutions, creating your own prototypes and even developing your very own elevator pitch for our Dragon’s Den at the end of the program!

The Press Start Academy Entrepreneurs Program runs through a whole semester with the aim of training your child in the foundations of entrepreneurship, design thinking and public speaking.


你將通過紙牌遊戲 Divergence 認識創業過程;通過有趣的活動、遊戲、案例研究和小型研究項目學習設計思維和商業策略;在不知不覺中,使用這些工具來發現目標用戶,設計自己的解決方案,創建自己的原型,甚至在訓練營結束時在我們的 Dragon’s Den 面前進行「電梯簡報」!

Press Start Academy 青年創業家訓練營旨在為孩子提供創業、設計思維和公開演講的基礎知識。

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