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8/15-19: Urban Horticulturists Bootcamp

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August 15-19 (Mon – Fri)
10:00 – 12:30
Ages 11-14

Urban farming, food systems, natural ecosystems and environmental sustainability

Have you ever wondered about the future of food in urban environments like Hong Kong and how you can play a part in it?

In this unique 5-day, project-based adventure designed with Common Farms, a leading Hong Kong-based indoor urban farm, you will be looking at and reinterpreting urban farming as a human recreation of natural ecosystems, including important concepts like the complete life cycle of plants, environmental sustainability and farming technologies.

Each day will consist of a hands-on learning experience with a core element of urban farming, e.g. irrigation systems, shelving units, etc., – with a heavy dose of experimentation! – as well as conceptual learning through simulation games and scenario planning. 

You will gain insight into how the natural ecosystem works and explore the pros and cons of modern technology as it relates to food production, especially in an urban context like Hong Kong, taking inspiration from the setting and operations of Common Farms. Our final project – to build your very own urban farm prototype – will challenge you to consolidate all the academic elements that urban horticulture encompasses, such as physics, chemistry, biology, creative design and business, in order to bring your learnings to life!

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