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8/22-26: The Traveler’s Chronicles

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August 22-26 (Mon – Fri)
10:00 – 11:30
Ages 8-11

Travel writing, vocabulary and sentence structures (relating to places and activities), visual presentation

Inside the legendary tavern The Wayward Wanderer in the fictional city of Mirth, there sits a mysterious figure who always commands attention and tells stories to wide-eyed residents. Today, he’s in particularly good form and beckons you over…

To your surprise, the Elder – as he is known to local patrons – invites you to share your own stories of magical lands you have visited yourself. Tales that will delight the audience, and who knows, maybe even the Elder himself!

This five-day course focuses on travel writing, a burgeoning genre of creative writing that tells delightful stories of one’s travels. We will be learning vocabulary and sentence structures relating to places and activities, with additional emphasis on visual presentation of our writing.

At the end of the program, students will have woven their own tale to magical distant lands, fit to woo over even the most seasoned travelers! What stories will you be telling, traveler?

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