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06/26-30: THE PEAKS OF MYSTERY 神秘之峰 @ PSA (Central)

Enhance your skills in

June 26 – 30 (Monday – Friday)
9:30 – 10:45AM
Ages 6-8

Vocabulary, description of sensory details, descriptive writing, reading skills

Note: This is an in-person program that will take place at our main location at Press Start Academy, Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, Central, Hong Kong

Within the mountains of Luden hides a mystery that has been sealed away and hidden for eons… are you ready to find out what lurks inside?

Get your adventure gear on and join us in Press Start Academy’s online narrative adventure for ages 6 to 8, as our Game Master guides you through the twists and turns of Alteria.

Armed with our Quest Pack and your imagination, you will be forging your own adventure through Alteria and its hidden secrets. Your actions and choices will help shape the setting of the terrain and our collective adventure. We will make use of our Quest Journals by using them to jot down sentence structures and vocabulary that we use in class.

This program is designed to develop creative writing skills, with a focus on basic vocabulary relating to setting and character features. Students will also get to practise their oral English through reading out their own stories together as a class.

We’ll see you on the trail, adventurers!


帶上你的歷險包和想像力,加入我們6 至 8 歲網上探險之旅,我們的遊戲大師將帶領你穿越滿途荊棘和崎嶇的阿爾特亞山峰,尋找其隱藏的秘密,打造自己的探險之旅。你的每個決定將會塑造背景設定和我們的集體探險。我們將在探險日誌記下我們在課堂上使用的句子結構和詞彙。



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