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Screenwriter’s Guild: A Hero’s Journey

Enhance your skills in

July 26 – 30 (Mon – Fri)
9:30 am – 12:30 pm

So you’re a fan of superhero movies.

Have you thought about creating your own superhero? Diving into their strengths, weaknesses and narrative arc? Creating the ultimate antagonist for them?

Our five-day Scriptwriter’s Guild program will give you a glimpse behind the scenes at what it’s like to sit in the screenwriter’s seat.

You’ll dissect and analyze your favorite superhero movies using the acclaimed Fabula card set; build an awe-inspiring character from scratch; explore personalities, foils, plot devices and scenario building; create a hero’s journey fit for your very own superhero; and develop your very own spec script.

Who knows – maybe this will be the catalyst for your very own cinematic universe!

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