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Hoseli’s Robot Inventions

Enhance your skills in

July 26 – 30 (Mon – Fri)
2:00 – 3:30 pm

Help Hoseli on his way to become the world’s first robot inventor by solving brain-wracking problems and braving the wintry journey!

In this 5-day hands-on STEAM camp, students will be conducting all kinds of fun experiments on a variety of different topics, as they navigate through a myriad of challenges to succeed in a collaborative quest.

They will practice their observation and problem-solving skills as they learn fundamental concepts such as magnetism, gravity and insulation, all tied together with a unique story!

Hoseli’s Robotic Inventions is part of an innovative, award-winning curriculum designed by KIDE Science, a Finland-based innovative STEAM education company. The unique, playful KIDE pedagogical approach is based on research conducted at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Press Start Academy is proud to be a partner of KIDE Science.

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