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Food Heroes Quest 1 — Build our Powers!

Enhance your skills in

July 12 – 16 (Mon – Fri)
2:00 – 3:30 pm

Join the Food Heroes on their quest to save the world!

In Quest 1, you will tackle real-life challenges facing the world’s food sustainability and systems as you learn what is best for your body and mind through games, movement and stories.

Over five sessions, you will learn about Rainbow Fruits and Vegetables, investigate where different types of foods grow, and defeat Captain Runaway! Is it on a tree? Under the ground? In water?

After each class, you’ll earn a Power Card – keep track of these cards so you will complete your mission to become a Food Hero!

Food Heroes is an award-winning game-based curriculum on food sustainability and health developed by international NGO JUCCCE (the Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy).

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