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7/11-14: Dim Sum Go

Enhance your skills in

July 11-14 (Mon-Thu)
14:00 – 16:30
Ages 6-8

Story development, narrative writing

Design the menu for the 2021 Dim Sum Dash – the premier dim sum eating competition for Hong Kong’s hungriest – and participate as a character in it!

In this 5-day special summer camp, the family board game Sushi Go gets a makeover as students design cards for our customized version, Dim Sum Go. They then play the game to determine what happens to the characters participating in the Dim Sum Dash, before writing and publishing stories chronicling all the exciting events!

Through a series of structured gameplay sessions and writing activities, students will develop their storytelling and narrative writing skills, inspired by the unique events of a game created by themselves.

Dim Sum Go! is part of the special “Play & Write” creative writing workshops created by Press Start Academy and Elephant Community Press.

This course will be taught at Press Start Academy by an Elephant Community Press teacher.

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