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Adventures in Storytelling with Dungeons & Dragons

Enhance your skills in

July 5 – 9 (Mon – Fri)
10 am – 12 nn

Calling all adventurers! Are you ready for your next epic quests?

Join Dungeon Master TC as he guides you along a series of mini adventures, exploring new fantastical environments, meeting new characters, solving new mysteries, finding new treasure, and – yes – fighting new monsters, all while leveling up and developing new skills and abilities along the way!

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is the classic tabletop roleplaying game where you develop your own character and journey through a fantasy adventure using pen, paper, dice and imagination. You will work with your peers, playing characters of your own creation, to navigate challenges and solve problems in a fantastical world of magic and adventure.

This five-part adventure builds on our intro-level program and is designed to develop creative storytelling, strategic thinking and collaborative decision-making, with intensive creative and reflective writing exercises in each session. Our instructor is a seasoned Dungeon Master and trained actor.

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