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8/15-19: A New Voyage

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August 15-19 (Mon-Fri)
14:00 – 15:30
Age 8-11

Physics foundations: Materials, mass, gravitational forces, engineering concepts
+ Basic programming/coding concepts and computational thinking

We’ve got our next great intergalactic adventure planned already; all we’re missing is to get our lunar base up and running so we can use it as our launchpad…

How will you make use of the limited materials at your disposal to communicate with the Terran supply depot and complete your lunar launchpad in preparation for your epic adventure into deep space?

In this Physics module, students will be learning about materials, mass and other forces, and how these components work with each other in an engineering context – concepts that are central to IB and IGCSE physics curriculum – through hands-on build experiments and games. As a bonus, they will also practice computational thinking through analogue programming exercises, while developing critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

See you soon, space cowboy!

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