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8/22-26: A New Frontier

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August 22-26 (Mon – Fri)
14:00 – 15:30
Ages 8-11

Biology foundations: Evolution, food chains, ecosystems and the environment

After years of journeying through deep space and guided by our Star Map, we have arrived at the Great Unknown. What kinds of mysteries lie ahead?

In this part of the universe, we are confronted by five new planets, each with their own natural ecosystems and biomes. We’ve been able to identify four of them: arctic, ocean, desert and rainforest. 

Our mission? To learn about their characteristics, deduce their evolutionary patterns and predict the development of their ecosystems, before forging ahead and exploring the fifth and final planet…

In this five-day program, students will be learning about evolution, food chains, ecosystems and environmental adaptations – core to both IB and IGCSE science curriculum – through a compelling science fiction story, with the aid of unique game systems and mechanics. Along the way, they will be asked to document their findings and insights, think critically and work collaboratively with their fellow scientists. 

See you soon, space cowboy!

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