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10/16-20: Eon Expedition (ChatGPT) 星際遠征 @ PSA (CENTRAL)

Enhance your skills in

Oct 16-20 (Monday – Friday)
Ages 11-14

ChatGPT World building Descriptive writing

ChatGPT 宇宙建設 描述性寫作

Note: This is an in-person program that will take place at our main location at Press Start Academy, Suite 506, Car Po Commercial Building, Central, Hong Kong.

Transport yourself into the fascinating realm of time, choices, and AI with our ChatGPT assisted creative writing program, Eon Expedition! Students will navigate complex plots, create compelling characters, and master the art of meaningful decision-making. This program will expose them to a choose-your-own-adventure style of storytelling. It is a comprehensive skill-building experience that enhances critical thinking and creativity, nurtures linguistic proficiency, and introduces students to the exciting world of AI and its applications in storytelling.

Remark: Students will be required to bring along their own computer / iPad / mobile device to participate in class and use the AI tools.

通過我們的 ChatGPT 輔助創意寫作課程《星際遠征》,將自己帶入時間、選擇和人工智能的迷人領域,去進行冒險之旅!

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