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08/07-11: Eon Expedition 宇宙遠征 @ PSA (kowloon bay)

Enhance your skills in

August 7-11 (Monday – Friday)
3:30 – 5:30PM
Ages 11-14

ChatGPT, World building, Descriptive writing
ChatGPT, 宇宙建設, 描述性寫作

Note: This is an in-person program that will take place at 26/F, Tower 1, Enterprise Square 5, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay .

Dive into the fascinating realm of time, choices, and artificial intelligence with ChatGPT’s Eon Expedition!

This immersive, narrative-driven program is a thrilling journey through the labyrinth of time, where every decision opens a new path. Will your path lead you to historical epics, futuristic utopias, or alternate realities?

Utilizing the power of AI through ChatGPT, students will not only explore the rich tapestry of branching narratives and Choose Your Own Adventure stories but also learn to craft their own. They will navigate complex plots, create compelling characters, and master the art of meaningful decision-making.

This program is not just about storytelling; it’s a comprehensive skill-building experience. It enhances critical thinking and creativity, nurtures linguistic proficiency, and introduces students to the exciting world of AI and its applications in storytelling. Discover the power of choice. Learn to weave intricate stories. Unleash creativity. And navigate the limitless possibilities of AI-assisted narratives.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with ChatGPT’s Eon Expedition!

通過 ChatGPT 的 Eon Expedition 潛入迷人的時間、決策,和人工智能領域!


通過 ChatGPT ,利用 AI 的力量,學生不僅可以探索豐富的分支敘事和選擇自己的冒險,還可以學習製作自己的故事。他們將駕馭複雜的情節,創造引人注目的角色,並掌握有意義的決策制定。

這個課程不僅僅是講故事;這是一次全面的技能培養體驗。它增強批判性思維和創造力,培養語言能力,並向學生介紹令人興奮的人工智能世界及其在講故事中的應用。發現決策的力量。學習編織錯綜複雜的故事。釋放創造力。探索 AI 輔助敘事的無限可能性。

與 ChatGPT 一起踏上終生難忘的旅程!

Enroll into 08/07-11: Eon Expedition 宇宙遠征 @ PSA (kowloon bay)

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